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Frequently Asked

How long does it take you to respond to my message?

My aim is to respond to you same day. If you have an urgent matter or a specific request and would like me to get back to you by a certain time, please say so and I’ll do my utmost to make it. If I’m on holiday, travelling or indisposed for whatever reason I’ll let you know via an immediate automated response.

Where do our coaching sessions take place?

Coaching sessions take place either in person or via Skype/call depending on your location and preference. If you prefer to meet in person then sessions are held in Brighton or London, details of which are provided prior to our meeting.

How can I pay?

Payment can be made by bank transfer or via credit/debit card online or by phone.

What if I can't continue?

All compensation is paid prior to our first coaching session and is non-refundable. If you can’t continue for any reason, all compensation will go directly to Brighton, Hove and District Samaritans.

Can I speak to one of your clients/testimonials?

Yes, I’ll gladly put you in touch with existing clients who are happy to share their coaching experience. As my approach is bespoke and personalised please note that every experience is different for every client.

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