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Are you ready to accelerate your coaching practice but don’t know where to start? Get expert support to propel you from being just another coach into a high-performing, high-level coach.

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Why be ordinary when you can be extraordinary?

Making the leap from being just another newly qualified Certified Professional Coach to creating a highly impactful and successful coaching business doesn’t happen overnight. It takes vision, conviction and boundless energy. You’ve already acquired world-class coaching skills – congratulations on that – but what do you do now to transfer what you’ve learnt into a clear action plan?

Changing lives for good and achieving success!

You want expert support to get you through this next critical stage of your coaching journey, something that will propel you from being just another coach into a high-performing, high-level coach. Created by iPEC Success Coach Arnold Ferrier, the Incubator is a bespoke 1:1 coaching programme designed exclusively for new and ambitious coaches who are eager to bring joy and satisfaction into their lives by making a positive difference to the lives of others.


Develop a growth mindset to thrive in uncertainty


Hone your skills to sharpen and master your craft


Get advanced tools to help your clients move forward


A programme tailored to you and created in partnership

Kick-start your new coaching business

The Incubator provides you with a critical set of skills that will make a long-lasting, profound difference to your clients’ lives, and your own. You’ll overcome the mental blocks and negative beliefs that are stopping you from moving forward, giving you the confidence you need to succeed. You’ll discover how to work effectively and efficiently, and you’ll learn the skills and the strategies that help build a thriving coaching business – one that attracts the very best clients.

1. Bring out a bold and confident new you – you’re more amazing than you know!
2. Create high calibre, high fee-paying clients
3. Gives you the tools to prioritise your time, energy and resources
4. Helps you design exceptional coaching packages with optimal pricing
5. Hone your coaching skills to become a masterful coach and create outstanding relationships

Designed to deliver in 3 key areas

1: Define who you are and where you’re going

If you want to connect with clients in a powerful and meaningful way, you need to create a strong brand that’s quintessentially, authentically you.

More Details

If you want to connect with clients in a powerful and meaningful way, you need to create a strong brand that’s quintessentially, authentically you.

The Incubator programme will help you identify who you are and what you stand for so you can express yourself with confidence and build strong, empathic relationships.

The more you listen and coach with confidence, the more you gain trust, which is a sure fire way to open the door to new business opportunities.

Working one to one with me, you’ll crystallise your vision for the way ahead, identifying your goals and preparing an action plan for how you’re going to achieve those goals. You’ll remove any blockages or self-doubt and replace these with self-belief and determination.

You’ll define what type of coaching and which services you wish to focus on. You’ll also pinpoint the types of clients to target; this decision is critical: choosing the right calibre of inspirational, ambitious clients will be a key driver in your business success.

2: Create a clearly defined roadmap to achieve your goals

Having formulated your personal brand, vision and action plan, you’ll begin to implement the tools you need to achieve your goals.

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How do you package and price effectively? How do you on-board clients and put together a contract? In this phase of the programme, you’ll learn the processes you need to build your business.

You’ll create assets for your website, a critical tool in your new business armoury and often the first point of contact for your clients.

Step by step, you’ll learn about the various stages of client creation. This will cover everything from how to conduct life-changing conversations with high-level clients to putting together compelling proposals.

You’ll also hone your coaching skills, learning and practising new techniques designed to build and enhance your profile.

3: Manage your business smoothly and efficiently

A smooth-running approach to your business management will be an essential component of your future coaching practice.

More Details

The Incubator’s step-by-step approach to management and self-promotion will help you structure, efficiently manage and achieve sustained results, enabling you to maximise your coaching potential.

How do you go about selling yourself? You’ll learn proven and effective marketing techniques; how to navigate your routes to market such as networking, speaking at events, and content creation, and you’ll pick up some proven tips on how to put yourself at the centre of those all-important online conversations.

You’ll also study effective trouble-shooting techniques designed to iron out any bumps in the road, and give you a smooth-running admin system, freeing you up so you can get on with what you do best, inspiring others!

The Incubator programme format

Nine months of three weekly sessions + world class support

The Incubator is a nine-month training and support programme that’s divided into three distinct phases. The programme is delivered on a 1:1 basis and has the added benefit of an extensive, all inclusive support and VIP package.

1:1 Coaching sessions

The Incubator programme provides three x weekly coaching sessions per month for nine months. Each live session is one to two hours long and conducted via Zoom. In addition to the principles covered, you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions for immediate feedback. These coaching sessions are a unique way to gain access to invaluable knowledge and learn from my experience, as well as supporting your development and growth.

Quarterly VIP days

At the end of each phase, you’ll have a three-hour VIP session. This gives you the chance to dive deeper into some of the insights and actions you’ve established so far on the programme. The VIP sessions are designed as a breathing space where you can pause and reflect on your progress to date, identify deeper learning opportunities, and celebrate successes.


Assignments will take place in between sessions and will be completed within an agreed schedule. These will help you to work on specific areas, consolidate and strengthen your learning, and help get your business off the ground.

Dedicated WhatsApp and Email Support

I’m here to answer any questions you have, right from the start of the programme. I’ll support you day-to-day to take advantage of any opportunities that arise, and deal with any stumbling blocks or content resets. You may have specific client issues – I will support you with these too. I’ll address all enquiries within 24 hours, or in the case of an emergency, at the next available opportunity.

Why be ordinary when you can be extraordinary?

Apply now.

Programme details

Duration: 9 months

Working with me directly for 9 months, you will have the opportunity to go deeper and create a blueprint for success.

No of coach sessions: 24

Each session is carefully tailored to your needs and your coaching business.

No of weekly coach sessions per month: 3

Create momentum and get ready to step up and take your practice to the next level.

No of quarterly VIP sessions: 3

Celebrate a truly memorable VIP experience as we reflect on milestones achieved and what’s next.

Typical duration of coaching sessions: 1-2 hours

All sessions will be hosted on Zoom, where you’ll be coached 1:1 to create extraordinary value.

Typical duration of VIP sessions: 3 hours

VIP sessions are unique occasions that bring something extra to the coaching experience.

WhatsApp/Email support: Unlimited

Here to answer any questions you have along the way and provide world class support.

What makes the Incubator different?

1: Go deeper for life-changing results

The power of the Incubator programme is down to a very distinctive style of coaching developed by Arnold Ferrier.

More Details

Arnold’s fearless coaching approach provides an incubatory space for high achievers looking to unlock their potential, break through limitations and accelerate growth.

2: Tailored to you, and only you

Arnold’s approach is tailor made to you and created in partnership, after all, you’re unique, and so is your coaching practice.

More Details

Everything you learn will be designed with you in mind so it’s highly relevant, highly motivating, and big on results. It combines proven principles with real-world applications to help you achieve success.

Arnold brings a distinct combination of expertise, tools and accountability to the Incubator programme enabling you to align your vision with the practical processes you need to run your business.

The bold vision that you’ll create will be something that you’ll bring to life every day of your coaching career.

3: Fresh, fun and insightful

Integrity is a cornerstone of your 1:1 teaching. Arnold is committed to upholding the highest levels of professionalism and standards at every stage of your learning.

More Details

You’ll benefit from fresh thinking and a down to earth approach that demands commitment and hard work but also delivers lots of fun throughout the process.

Together, you’ll make commitments, implement strategies, and turn insight into action for faster, more sustainable results.

Confidentiality, non-judgment and freedom of self-expression are at the heart of each of Arnold’s client relationship. Remember, this is your space to explore who you are and where you want to go.

No holds barred, you’ll build exactly the practice you’ve always dreamed of.

Unlock the power of you

I’m super excited to share this exclusive, bespoke programme with you. It’s the culmination of 30 years of my life’s work as an entrepreneur and professional coach.

Imagine yourself, just one year from now; you could have the fulfilling coaching practice you’ve always dreamed of – without having to turn your life upside down in the process.

I’ve designed this life-changing programme to be fun and stimulating but also extremely practical, so you come away confident, and ready for action with the mindset, skillset and toolset you need for your new life as a master coach.

You’re more powerful than you know. Together, we’ll tap into that power and channel it to reveal exciting new opportunities for you to excel and prosper. I can’t wait to share the Incubator with you because what we create, I promise, will blow you away.

About me
Arnold Ferrier is a Success Coach at the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC), one of the world’s leading ICF-Accredited Coach Training Programs. He has coached innumerable students, giving them the tools and the confidence to move forward and inspire their own clients.






First paying client!! Thank you!! Thank you!! And thank you!! Your support has been outstanding. How blessed I feel to be able to impact the life of another human.

Judith Ogedegbe

CPC, Judith Ogedegbe Coaching, Lagos, Nigeria

Dear Arnold, Big day today let’s celebrate!! The website is finally LIVE thanks to your amazing support. You really helped me to create a unique value proposition and brand image, aligned with my vision. Your sharp advice, creative insight, detailed and constant inputs have made all the difference. Your mantra is becoming mine “Less is More!”

Maelys Castella


Arnie, Olesya, the girl with whom I had a discovery call last week, had her trial coaching session today and signed for half year with me. I feel super happy and ready to raise my prices in 2021.Thank you sooooooooo much for stretching me. If not for you, I would’ve never done this; best decision I made – working with you. I’m grateful for having you in my life – as a coach and as a very inspirational human being!

Olga Kirillova

CPC, Meta Coaching, Berlin, Germany

I got a new client yesterday. A six-month coaching engagement at my new rate! It was pretty incredible because it was a 30 minute initial chat that turned into a long conversation and at the end she said ‘I want to work with you’. What does that look like? I proposed and she said yes. I’m sending the contract over today. She’s the executive director of a non-profit.

Galia Pennekamp

CPC, SomethinginCommon, Miami USA

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