How James O’Byrne turned to coaching to make better decisions.

Having spent 18 years in the corporate world developing and marketing sports supplements for some of the leading nutrition brands, James O’Byrne founded Hatch 19 to create his own range of PER4M active nutrition products.

For someone used to advising boards and supporting senior decision makers in established ventures, O’Byrne wanted to work with a coach who had the necessary skill set and expertise to help him develop his leadership and reach his potential

“He’s able to shine a light on what I don’t always see myself”

O’Byrne commented, “As a business owner and entrepreneur, I’ve found it extremely hard to have someone in my circle and network who has the ability to challenge me, push me forward and help me face the hard decisions I make within the business.“

One of his biggest fears was in letting go and trusting others. Transitioning from a busy working environment in which demands on his time were competing with managing a diverse portfolio, James wanted a framework for personal development and business growth.

O’Byrne explained, “I’m often alone with my thoughts and find it difficult to let go and trust others. Since we started, I have found that working with Arnold provides not only qualified external perspective, but the honest feedback, guidance, resources and tools I need to keep growing myself and building my business.”

“Delivers clarity to the process”

Clarity, focus and accountability were the desired outcomes O’Byrne sought from his initial sessions. New to being coached he wanted to discover ways to reduce procrastination, improve his awareness and enhance his communication skills.

As the coaching sessions developed O’Byrne observed, “Arnold takes a friendly but unemotional approach to helping me create the solutions I need to make better decisions. He delivers clarity to the processes required to improve and develop my skills and operations.”

James explained, “Having him hold me accountable has helped me to reduce my own procrastination and I have learned how to maximise my existing strengths, which has improved my own awareness and ability to communicate and lead others in my team. “

O’Byrne was uncomfortable with opening himself up, however he was able to relax into the process and go further than he initially thought possible due to the lack of feeling judged.

“He’s able to shine a light on what I don’t always see myself and this has helped me address some of my own issues without feeling judged.”

“Keeps me focused and prioritised on the things that matter”

I continue to find our weekly one on one sessions invaluable. Working with him helps keep me focused and prioritised on the things that matter as well as reminding me to celebrate the successes and learn from every experience along the way.

I have no hesitation in recommending Arnold. Not only has he been instrumental in the change in me personally, he is an invaluable asset to my business.

I can positively measure the improvements in my life and bottom line to our work together.

If you’d like to learn more about working with me please get in touch.

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