How one Account Manager got clarity, created a vision and exceeded targets with 1:1 business coaching.

Dan Mashal is a successful account manager working for Media and Communications. Feeling frustrated at his lack of progression, he wanted to figure out how he could reach the next level and increase revenues without adding additional stress to his already busy life.

“The results came fast”

With an established account base and three years in the role, Dan Mashal was accustomed to juggling the needs and demands of his clients. Steadily building up a reputation as a trusted solutions provider in the telecoms industry his workload was beginning to take its toll. Stressed and fatigued he was finding it challenging to strike a balance between looking after work and taking care of himself.

“When I began working with Arnold, I wanted to work on improving my fitness, mental wellbeing and career,” Dan said.

“I’d become stuck in a rut, fuzzy and increasingly frustrated with myself for not being able to get out of a cycle of negative thinking and lack of self-care. I’d reached a low point and wanted to change.”

Arnold’s focus from the beginning was to hold a mirror to Dan’s blind spots. Dan said, “From our initial sessions, Arnold was immediately able to help me analyse and understand my own decision making and life choices to date, which was a real eye opener.”

Next was to create a compelling vision of the life Dan wanted to live in the next 12 months. The goal was to create a compass and roadmap to help guide his actions and choices and get clarity on what really mattered to him.

“Having established trust, we were able to really delve deep and create a vision of the life I wanted to create for myself.”

“The results came fast. I became more intentional in my decision making and this led to a feeling of confidence that I was heading in the right direction,” noted Dan.

Working with Arnold, Dan felt challenged and out of his comfort zone, however a trend started to emerge.

“Although it wasn’t easy, within 2 months I was following a detailed fitness routine and exceeding my sales targets at work by 33%. After month 3, I was 48% above my target and by month 6 I’d achieved 74%. The results speak for themselves. ”

With regular weekly sessions and committed to doing the “inner” and “outer” work set during their time together, Dan started feeling the benefits in unexpected ways.

“Looking back over the last six months, the biggest benefit has been consistency. It’s the first time that I’ve kept things up and seen improvements month after month.”

Dan said, “I’ve also found it easy to talk openly and honestly to Arnold when certain things haven’t gone according to plan and this has helped me go easy on myself and just get back on track. In the past, I would have battled with myself and struggled to deal with it as quickly.”

“I would 100% recommend Arnold”

Getting clarity and creating a roadmap helped Dan move forward with measurable steps. He said, “I believe sometimes we fumble through life without actually knowing what we want. Coaching with Arnold not only enabled me to assess and evaluate my life choices for the first time but put a plan in place in order to take the necessary steps to changing aspects of my behaviour and achieve success.”

I would 100% recommend Arnold to anyone who is looking to make a change and wants to reach their potential.

He has a brilliant way of nurturing someone’s mindset and skill set to get the best out of themselves.

If you’d like to learn more about working with me please get in touch.

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