Jonathan Dickson reflects on his coaching experience with Arnold Ferrier and what actions led to improvements in performance and mindset.

I have been working together with Arnold for several months as part of his Core 7 High performance coaching plan.

During this time my performance has improved, along with my attitude to work and I now approach my day both with one eye on the present and one on the future to ensure my activity has a longer-term play, structured to where I want to be in 12 months’ time.

“Arnold will help bring focus, energy, positivity and enjoyment”

The process of analysing and reviewing what motivates and drives me has helped restructure my time and my ability to deal with different tasks. I can only affect what is within my control is a constant theme and helps to remove unwanted time stealers.

Arnold’s fresh approach has made me think deeper about my overall wellbeing and what makes me tick, and this in turn has made me understand my own abilities better and how I can maximise these to my benefit.

During our time I have restructured my day, week and monthly strategy, into goals and tasks using a combination of coaching tools and diary planning. As a result, I am far more in control of my activity and how to improve.

Maximising how I approach tasks has helped me consistently overachieve against my monthly revenue targets and has made me feel far more in control of my job.

“Brings cliarity to the day”

A large part of the program is setting up the day, being ‘present’ and thinking how I can make today a success. This strategy brings clarity to the day ahead and has helped me start with a front foot forward. Understanding where I want to be in the future broken down to how can I make today a success has helped lay a clear pathway for improvement.

A final element of the program which has helped my approach is reflection, looking at what I achieved in a given day, week and month. Analysing what areas worked well, which areas need further focus and which people I need to appreciate and recognise. This has been a very valuable tool that has allowed me to refresh and fine tune what I do.

I would not hesitate to recommend Arnie for high performance coaching, he will help bring focus, energy, positivity and enjoyment to any team or individual needing to drive performance in the face of challenging environments.  It is a positive, thought provoking and enlightening experience.

If you’d like to learn more about working with me please get in touch.

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