Standing on one leg?

Having lifted weights for half my life I’ve been feeling a little tight and inflexible recently. Perhaps it’s the never ending Winter, the realisation I’m not in my twenties or it’s getting harder to tie my shoes standing on one leg? Either way I decided to seek expert help.

“If you want to wipe your arse when you’re older, follow my instruction.”

I listened and watched with interest as Anna, my new Stretch Coach, put me through my paces. Stretching may not be sexy or glamorous but it’s essential to improve flexibility and reduce tightness to help workouts be more efficient and safe.

The risk to injury

As we get older muscles get shorter and less elastic meaning the risk to injury is greater.

Fortunately, I’m assured with a little practice and time, it’s possible to relieve muscle tension and increase mobility which will help me move more freely both in the gym and life.

I’m pretty sure my carer will thank me in later life too 🙂

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