Dear Arnold, Big day today let’s celebrate!! The website is finally LIVE thanks to your amazing support. You really helped me to create a unique value proposition and brand image, aligned with my vision. Your sharp advice, creative insight, detailed and constant inputs have made all the difference. Your mantra is becoming mine “Less is More!”

Maelys Castella

Non-Executive Director Chair of the Audit Committee C&A, Non-Executive Director, Member of the Audit & Remuneration Committees BIC

Arnold’s highly effective coaching was vital to my transformation from “I think I want to do that” to “I know I can do that”. My business and my confidence grew exponentially because he enabled me to see endless possibilities and supported me as I took massive action. His intuitive coaching style and humor were a great fit for me. If you’re serious about taking your life and business to the next level and beyond, I highly recommend you speak with Arnold. I’m so glad I did
Galia Pennekamp

CPC, Something in Common

As a coach myself, I also very often sit in a client-seat. And so it was the case today. I experienced how impactful and powerful one single coaching session can be. Literally M I N D B L O W I N G! Thank you for giving me the space to go deep and even deeper, for sensing what I needed, as it allowed me to get in touch with all those inner blocks and hidden fears. Haven’t had a session with so many powerful realisations & AHA moments for a while.
Maja Meglic

CPC, ELI-MP, Coaching by Maja

Working with Arnold has been transformative. Not only did he support me in reigniting my creative impulses and in creating a sustainable plan for my passion to fit into my busy schedule, but he also supported me on a deeper spiritual level too. I benefited so much from this coaching relationship and recommended it to my partner, who feels equally uplifted, especially during such challenging times. I couldn’t recommend this any more than I have. Working with the right coach can be a real game-changer. It has been for me…. You came into my life at the right time, Arnold! Thank you for the ongoing support.

Tania Khalil

Major Donor Partnership Executive, Concern Worldwide

Hey Arnold

I just wanted to send a big thank you for your help with my reflections on the situation with my manager. I spoke with her this week and it felt really positive for both of us.

I had the confidence to share how the experience had stayed with me and also highlight how I would like us to work together.

She heard what I said and sincerely apologised for how she had come across. Win-win discussion which was massively helped by your coaching.

You are an awesome coach with a great soul Arnold.

Debbie Adger

Outpatient Transformation Delivery Partner, NHS England

Hey Arnold,

Thank you for the coaching session, it was a very insightful experience to witness a masterful coach at work.

Being open to possibilities and going with the flow while having the value of service, meaning and joy in mind has made me feel lighter about my idea of success.

Have a great weekend and take care!

Clara Teo

Medical Doctor / Life Coach

Arnold is one of the best listeners I ever met. Working with him has been a great experience. We started our journey with a lot of disorganized objectives and we ended up with an effective plan of action and iterative processes to stay focused on key goals. Thank you Arnold for the passion that you brought in to every session we had.

Felipe Cianciarulo

Project Manager, Claro Money

Arnold Ferrier You are such an inspiration to me! I can’t help but admire your dedication and ability to help coaches set up for success! I will be forever grateful to iPEC Coaching for connecting me with such an extraordinary success coach as you! ❤️ Your contribution to my success and future achievements is enormous! Thank you so much for your kind words!!! 🤩 Your support means the world to me! 🙏🏼

Teodora Gencheva

Executive & Business | Leadership Coach, Teodora Gencheva Coaching

Thanks so much Arnold – It was the perfect time and having the trust is so essential to get there. Huge thanks for everything you’ve supported me with so far and your sensitivity. You’re a brilliant coach and beyond that a great guy with a lot of wisdom.

Dan Desson

Marketing Director, Lumina Learning

Charmaigne Castro

Menopause Transition Coach, Charmaigne Castro Coaching

I want to give you a big hug for helping me connect the dots. It’s just flowing Arnie. You sure bring the fun element into the coaching! You are a blessing! Thank you!!
Gurshinder Sidhu

Senior Director - Trade Finance Sales, Emirates NBD

Thank you so much for a great session. It was insightful, energizing and inspirational. I have enjoyed every second of it and you have lifted my spirits and my confidence level tremendously.
JongWoo Kim

EX CEO, Diageo Korea

I have been working on some book writing for several years, and never managed to get anything completely finished. Work, life and everything else seemed to take priority. Since taking on Arnold as a coach, in less than two months I have a clear plan that I work to in my spare time, the book is being printed, website built and events organised. The coaching I have received is insightful and totally based on my agenda. I have had unexpected results in various other areas of my life, which I think are mainly down to Arnold’s active listening and reflecting. I would recommend him to anyone seeking a great coach.
Geraldine Wintour Aust

Management Consultant, SNC-Lavalin Atkins

It was amazing today, the experience was so enlightening and inspiring. I am Most Grateful to you, for your time, and the connection that was made.
Mark Cook

Entrepreneur & Founder, Snofolio

Thank you sooooooooo much for stretching me. If not for you, I would’ve never done this; best decision I made – working with you. I’m grateful for having you in my life – as a coach and as a very inspirational human being!

Olga Kirillova

CPC, Metta Coaching

Hi Arnold,

Just wanted to drop you a quick message to say thank you so so much for your help and extra time yesterday – it’s what I’ve needed to hear for a while now and was so kind of you to hop on that extra call.

I had a new client consultation last night, with someone who had messaged a few times and wasn’t willing (yet!) to commit to a full coaching package. I took your advice, and gave her a full 2 hour deep dive being fully present and really listening. It worked! At the end she said this was amazing, I need to do the full package with you, how do I sign up?

I’m so grateful we had spoken before that, as it had really shifted my mindset and I got a new client as a result!

So thank you again, you are brilliant.

Hattie MacAndrews

Confidence & Mindset Coach, Hattie MacAndrews

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