Nils Welham, a passionate and determined coach, was eager to build a successful coaching business that allowed him to be financially comfortable, enjoy a flexible lifestyle, and help high-achieving clients to reach their full potential.

To accomplish this, he enlisted the help of Arnold Ferrier, an experienced coach who would challenge and support him through the process.

His listening abilities are tremendous, his caring for the client is tremendous, he really wants you to succeed.

The Journey

Working together, Nils and Arnold began to tackle the goals Nils had set for himself. They focused on building a coaching practice that attracted high-energy, entrepreneurial clients who were committed to change and willing to dig deep.

Nils wanted to feel fulfilled and energized after every coaching session and knew that working with the right clients was essential to achieving this.

Nils also sought the freedom to run his business from anywhere in the world, particularly from his van, and aimed to earn a specific amount by the end of their nine months together.

In the process, he wanted to develop a framework for success that would attract clients mainly through word of mouth and the value he provided.

Arnold pushed Nils to confront his fears and limiting beliefs, encouraging him to be authentic and fearless in all aspects of his life. This support helped Nils let go of his resistance to fully loving himself and embracing his authentic self.

Nils’s motivation to help others stemmed from his belief that many people were unhappy due to their beliefs or perceived obstacles. He wanted to inspire them to see the possibilities in their lives and help them pursue their happiness.

Nils was also inspired by his mother, who embodied authenticity and the pursuit of happiness.

The Results

With Arnold’s guidance, Nils gained clarity on his coaching niche and learned how to show up authentically in his business. He developed a strong personal brand and gained confidence in attracting the right clients.

Arnold’s attentive listening and well-timed sharing of personal stories provided valuable insights and inspiration for Nils.

By the end of their nine months together, Nils had achieved his financial goals, attracted the clients he desired, and built a successful coaching business that allowed him the freedom and flexibility he sought. He also had a clear plan for scaling his business in the next two years.

Nils credits Arnold for his unwavering support, expert guidance, and genuine desire to see him succeed. He would give Arnold a 10/10 recommendation, saying,

“if you’re considering working with him, you just need to do it. If you want to level up and want someone who will genuinely guide and listen to you, he’s the guy.”


Nils Welham’s inspiring journey with Arnold Ferrier demonstrates the power of a strong coaching relationship and the importance of confronting fears and limiting beliefs.

With Arnold’s help, Nils was able to build a thriving coaching business that aligned with his values and provided him with the work-life balance he desired.

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