Andrea Peristiani shares her inspiring journey of working with her coach, Arnold Ferrier, to build her confidence and support her personal development.

Arnold’s genuine and warm approach made her feel like she had found the perfect fit, someone she could trust and someone who she felt cared about her as a human being first.

Andrea’s decision to invest in figuring out who she is and who she wants to be in this lifetime was one of the best decisions she made.

Historically, she felt like she was constantly putting energy into making decisions in her life without knowing exactly who she is or having a framework.

In addition to ongoing coaching, she invested in a unique 7 day one-to-one retreat with Arnold which allowed them go deeper and create extraordinary insight and outcomes including writing her personal manifesto.

Arnold’s non-judgmental approach and observant nature allowed Andrea to go deeper and observe things in herself that she had never observed before.

His high-quality questions challenged her and shifted her perspective in ways that grew her and helped her make more conscious decisions without constantly struggling through them.

Andrea believes that working with Arnold has helped her clearly define who she is and react in a way that she more consciously chooses without having to spend so much energy.

Arnold’s warm, caring, and curious nature combined with his professionalism and great boundaries make him a great coach. His ability to observe and ask high-quality questions that challenge and grow his clients is what makes his sessions so impactful.

Andrea’s experience with Arnold is a testament to the value of investing in personal development and having a coach who cares about you as a human being first.

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