Maria Gardner, the founder of Psychology Works, shares her inspiring journey of working with her coach, Arnold Ferrier, to build her business.

Maria was looking for someone who could help her prioritise and structure her ideas, and that’s where Arnold’s business knowledge and coaching skills came in handy.

Arnold pushed Maria to have a genuine vision for her business and not be afraid to dream big. He challenged her to think about what her business would look like in the future, even 10, 15, or 20 years from now.

“Arnold genuinely cares and genuinely believes in what I’m doing.”

Through this process, Maria was able to break free from self-imposed limitations and give herself permission to dream.

Arnold’s style of coaching is a beautiful combination of pushing and challenging, yet gentle and supportive at the same time.

Maria appreciated his emotional investment in her and her business, and the confidence that he had in her work.

Working with Arnold helped Maria gain a focused business lens on what she was doing, which was crucial to attracting potential customers. It is easy to get caught up in the details of one’s work, and Arnold helped Maria see her business from a new perspective.

Maria believes that there is still a lot that Arnold can contribute in terms of supporting the growth of her business and the journey that they are on.

Her experience with Arnold is a testament to the value of having a coach who believes in your work and can help you overcome your limitations.

So if you’re looking for a truly great coach to help you achieve your goals and unlock your potential, look no further than Arnold. With his help, you too can find direction, clarity, and success in your journey.

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