Maja Meglic’s Journey to Success: Building a Thriving Coaching Business with Arnold Ferrier

Maja Meglic is a passionate and dedicated coach who turned to Arnold Ferrier to help her build a thriving coaching business.

Maja’s journey with Arnold helped her create multiple revenue streams, climb new peaks in her career, and become a respected name in the coaching industry.

Thank you for helping me energetically build the basis on which I can now build onwards

Let’s dive into Maja’s experience and discover how Arnold’s coaching expertise played a crucial role in her success.

Maja’s Goals:

Maja had a clear vision of what she wanted to achieve, which included:
• Multiple revenue streams
• Climbing back to a similar level and higher as she was in her previous telecoms career
• Earning her success independently
• Becoming a respected name in the industry
• Shaping the industry through her work

Maja’s “Why”:

Maja’s motivation to achieve these goals stemmed from her desire to inspire others and share her powerful journey.

She saw too many people settling for “good enough” after burnouts or traumas and wanted to help them break free from their fears and live fulfilling lives.

Working with Arnold:

Maja chose Arnold as her coach because she had experienced his powerful coaching during her coaching training program at IPEC.

She appreciated his ability to slow down, truly listen, and help her process her thoughts.

Arnold’s coaching style provided Maja with the space to think out loud, challenge her fears, and build her confidence.

The Results:

Through her work with Arnold, Maja experienced significant changes in her energy levels, the way she showed up in the world, and her coaching practice.

She attracted the right clients, expanded her revenue streams, and found success in her coaching business.

Maja’s Testimonial:

“I came to Arnold to bring my coaching practice to the next level. It was definitely worth it. It was an amazing journey. The way he’s able to give back and reflect, observe and share observations is powerful. For sure, a lot has changed in terms of my energy, the way I show up as a coach, and how I’ve spread the different revenue streams. I truly appreciate his support during the sessions and his ability to set boundaries. He has a powerful presence.”


Maja Meglic’s inspiring journey showcases the impact of working with a skilled coach like Arnold Ferrier. With his support and expertise, Maja built a thriving coaching business that allows her to inspire others and share her journey.

Maja’s experience demonstrates the power of investing in oneself and working with a coach who can help navigate the path to success.

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