Peekaboo! Where are you?

Seriously, I’m not counting to 10.

You know you’ve got the skills to help others and it’s your time to shine.

Congratulations. You’re all good to go.

But there’s one thing that’s keeping you hidden and struggling to make a dent.

Your invisibility cloak.

The uncomfortable truth is many coaches are hiding under the same blanket.

Hiding from themselves, potential clients, being vulnerable and taking risks.

It’s frustrating and debilitating but don’t panic.

Hiding keeps us safe after all, but safe isn’t going to help you uncover your potential and build a thriving coaching business.

4 Reasons to hide and how to overcome them


1.Fear of Vulnerability

One reason why you might be hiding is a fear of vulnerability.

You’ve got no issues encouraging your clients to open up, be vulnerable, and share their struggles.

But when it comes to you?

Maybe another day.

It’s all too easy to hide behind your professional facade, but it incredibly limiting when it comes to building trust with potential clients.

Vulnerability builds connection.

Especially when you share your own struggles and experiences.

It helps your clients feel seen and understood.

So, embrace vulnerability!


  • Share your story with 1-3 people in the next week and be totally authentic, no holds barred.
  • Share that one thing that you may not have told before. Don’t hold back and notice how the quality of your engagement changes.

2. Fear of Self-Promotion

Another reason why you might be hiding under that cloak is a fear of self-promotion. It can be uncomfortable to put yourself out there and market your services.

We became coaches to help people, not to sell ourselves – right?

But the truth is, marketing is an integral part of any business. To attract clients, you need to communicate your value and what sets you apart.

So, shift your mindset from self-promotion to service promotion.


  • Think about how you can best serve your potential clients and communicate that value through your marketing efforts in 1-2 powerful sentences.
  • Notice how that feels when it comes from the heart and not the head.

3. Fear of Taking Risks

Taking risks is a necessary part of business growth. However, it can be scary to put yourself out there and try something new.

Whether it’s launching a new program, raising prices, or speaking in public, taking risks can push you out of your comfort zone.

But that discomfort is where growth happens.

It’s important to remember that every failure is simply a stepping stone towards success.

So, take that risk, learn from it, and use it to move forward.


  • Reflect on something that didn’t meet your expectations.
  • What did you learn from the experience.
  • How can you apply that going forward to create a difference outcome?

4. Responsibility for Your Own Progress

Ultimately, you’re responsible for your own progress.

It’s easy to blame external factors like the market, the economy, or even our clients for slow business growth.

But the truth is, you control your own success.

When you take 100% responsibility for your actions, you empower yourself to make changes and move forward.

This means investing in your personal and professional development, setting goals, and taking action towards them.

When you take ownership of your business, you take ownership of your success.


  • Every evening for the next 7 days ask yourself, “Who did I blame today?”
  • Then reflect on taking responsibility and complete the following sentence stem. “From the point of view of taking 100% responsibility, I see that …


Coaching is a rewarding and fulfilling career, but it’s not necessarily easy.

There are many challenges in launching, growing, and scaling a coaching business.

However, by uncovering your potential and embracing vulnerability, self-promotion, and risk-taking, you can overcome these challenges and build a thriving coaching business.

It’s up to you to take responsibility for your own progress and take action towards achieving your goals.

So, stop hiding and start growing your business today!

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