Coach, mentor, yoga, and breathwork practitioner.

Torild Boe Stokes is a work in progress.

I’d never met her until yesterday.

She messaged me out of the blue.

“Hi Arnold, just wanted to say I love your newsletters and posts. They keep inspiring me on days when it feels like “nothing’s working” – thank you!!”

Nothing’s working?

Her words struck a chord.

We all have those moments of doubt and struggle.

Intrigued by her journey and eager to delve deeper, I invited her for a chat.

No agenda. No expectation.

Little did I know, the conversation would unfold in a way that many of us in the coaching world can relate to.

Today, with her permission, I’m sharing the essence of that conversation.

Combining growth, self-discovery, and the transformative power of coaching.

This story isn’t only Torild’s, it might be yours too.

Getting started in coaching

Torild’s entry into coaching was marked by a familiar struggle.

A battle with clarity and confidence.

Manifesting in imposter syndrome, an undefined niche and hesitation.

All of which is diluting her potential impact.

Fortunately, there’s a path to overcoming these challenges.

Which is why I’m going to walk you through her journey, highlighting five key stages:

  1. Her background and investment in training
  2. Selling versus serving
  3. Finding her niche
  4. Showcasing her profile
  5. Evolving her pricing strategy

My aim is to illustrate the importance of laying down a strong foundation in each of these 5 pillars.

Then showing how her experiences can illuminate the path for others.

1: Training and initial success

Right now, Torild is training with IPEC.

She’s working towards accreditation from the prestigious ICF-Accredited Coach Training Program.

Despite her initial struggles, she’s already securing paid clients.

Her success coming through a proactive approach.

Reaching out via direct messages and setting up discovery calls.

Now, she’s turning her attention to refining her approach.

Coming from a corporate sales background, she’s consciously shifting her mindset.

Transitioning from a sales-driven approach to one of service and support.

This not only demonstrates personal growth but aligns with her aspirations to be a sought after coach.

2: Creating clients authentically

In coaching, the traditional selling mindset often falls short.

Torild is learning to replace selling with serving and engaging in meaningful conversations.

She’s cultivating curiosity and deep listening skills, essential for establishing authentic connections.

Moving beyond a transactional “spray and pray” mentality, she’s focusing on providing value and support.

Despite finding it hard to let go of immediate prospecting expectations, she’s willing to trust the process.

This shift will yield better client engagement and increased referrals over time.

She’s committing herself to:

  • Embracing a mindset of curiosity and understanding.
  • Prioritising service over sales in discovery calls.
  • Creating transformative client experiences.

The takeaway here is clear: authentic connection is paramount in coaching.

Taking time to provide tremendous value upfront will lead to fulfilling client experiences. This in turn will lead to more referrals and repeat business.

3: Developing a clear niche

Finding a niche that resonates with your values and purpose is vital for your career longevity.

All too often, a too-general approach results in confusion and invisibility.

With diverse skills in yoga, breathwork, mentoring, and coaching, unifying these elements into a cohesive focus is Torild’s greatest challenge.

To tackle this, she’s mapping out her offerings. Patiently aligning each with the needs and goals of her clients.

She’s asking critical questions for each of her four key areas:

  • Who is she serving?
  • What challenges do they face?
  • What outcomes are they striving for?
  • What obstacles are in their way?
  • How can she support their journey?

This introspection is guiding Torild to the convergence of her talents and experiences.

It will reveal her unique gifts and potential for creating transformative experiences.

4. LinkedIn profile and brand clarity

Getting your LinkedIn profile right is vital for showcasing your professional strengths. After all it’s a tried and tested tool for engaging with people.

By her own admission, Torild’s profile is too general and vague.

So, she’s now studying successful niche profiles for inspiration. Learning why they stand out.  Understanding how they state their specialty and express unique value.

Next, she’ll craft a succinct statement that reflects her specialty. The goal being to confidently capture what makes working with her so compelling.

Remember, clarity and brevity are vital.

It’s essential to stay true to your values and purpose in your profile, even if it means managing FOMO along the way.

5. Pricing strategy and confidence

Pricing in coaching is a delicate matter.

You’re balancing the investment in your services with your client’s perception of the value they’ll gain.

To start, Torild charged 500 pounds, later realising this undervalued her services.

We all start somewhere.

As her confidence grew, she raised her rates to 2,000 pounds. This felt more in alignment with the transformational value she offers.

Now she’s moving from discount packages to premium programs.  Knowing the higher price is justified.

It’s crucial to set prices which reflect your true worth and the value of the services provided.

Low confidence and low pricing often leaves money and self-belief on the table.

The shift to premium pricing isn’t randomly increasing your rates.

It’s about enhancing the quality and comprehensiveness of your service in alignment with client expectations.


Torild Boe Stokes’ work in progress is one of dedication and discovery.

It illustrates the struggles of authentic connection and finding one’s unique voice.

From confidence to getting clarity on her niche. To taking proactive steps towards client engagement, she exemplifies a commitment to succeed.

Her pivot from a selling to serving mindset, shows the awareness required to develop genuine relationships.

The crafting of her niche, highlights her desire for specific, value-driven messaging.

Whilst her evolving LinkedIn profile and pricing strategy will bolster her credibility.

Torild’s entry to coaching is a testament to the power of continuous learning.

She provides some valuable insights for other coaches. Whether you’re  just starting out or looking to level up.

I hope by sharing our conversation, it’s inspired you to revisit any challenges you face and tackle them head on.

“Wow Arnold. Amazing!!!! I have learnt more from you in 24 hours than any other coach for a long time! I’ll be back ????????”

Take a deep breath.

You’ve got this Torild.

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