Today I want to share 2 messages to help you attract new clients on LinkedIn.

(Big thanks to my friend Pascal Hippmann for allowing me to share his philosophy with you.)

Messaging is often given a bad rap in coaching for understandable reasons.

As coaches our default is always to create conversations. So, messages tend to be under used or over thought.

If you’ve got an engagement opportunity and you’re uncertain about what to say or fear being too salesy. You’re in good company.

The solution is simpler than you might think.

It involves a shift in perspective, a touch of authenticity and filling in the blanks.

Here’s how to turn what may feel a bit icky into a natural and enjoyable process.

Ideal if you value genuine connection over cold sales tactics.

Let’s jump in.

Why me?

Before you start scrolling for the messages, hit pause.

Ask yourself “Why me?”

What is it that your existing clients and friends appreciate most about you?

Perhaps, it’s your:

  • Active listening?
  • Powerful questioning?
  • Ability to simplify the complex?

Think about it.

It’s not about boosting your self-esteem.

It’s about identifying the unique qualities that make you someone others want to connect with.

Recognising and embracing your traits instils confidence. Helping to frame your client interactions with purpose and direction.

Remember, the essence of attraction lies in your authenticity.

This means knowing and showing what makes you special. Which lays the foundation for genuine connections.

Before continuing, write three qualities that come to mind?

Re-think your target audience

Next, think about your ideal client base. View this through the lens of your personal relationships and interests.

  • Who do you gravitate towards?
  • What common experiences do you have?
  • What kind of passions or hobbies do you share.

If you’ve got nothing in common, it makes conversation harder to flow.

The best client relationships often complement mutual interests or shared experiences. This helps to build rapport and trust.

If you’re more of an introvert, this approach can feel lighter too.

More like sharing insights than selling services.

Familiarity and understanding makes the initial outreach feel less daunting and more authentic.

Re-think your offering

Now consider your offering.

  • How do you help clients?
  • What are their likely pain points?
  • What outcomes might they want to achieve?

This mindset changes the dynamic from selling to serving. From convincing to coaching.

This step is all about aligning your services with the needs and aspirations of your clients.

Replicate this approach with your content

How you write your content reflects who you are and what you stand for.

It’s one way for people to get a closer insight into you.

If you’re using LinkedIn as a platform to create content and attract an audience, be relevant.

Be clear on:

  • Why you’re writing content?
  • How do you want to be seen?
  • Who do you want to engage with?

Be relatable and engaging.

Write as though you’re connecting with one person.

When clients see themselves in your content, they’re more likely to feel a connection with you.

Being relevant transforms passive readers into engaged followers and, potentially into clients.

2 Messages to send

Talking of engagement, here are the 2 messages I promised.

The first is a connection request to grab the attention of someone you want to connect with.

1. Connection request

“Hi {first name}, noticed {target group} often has challenges achieving {top outcome}. Hope my content is useful to you. Happy to connect. Best, {your name}”

The second is a follow up once your connection has been accepted by that person.

2. Message after connection

“Hi {first name}! Thanks for connecting! If any of my posts resonate, I’d love to hear from you in the comments! 😊 If you have any questions about {your offering}, feel free to reach out any time. I am here to help! Best, {your name}”

These two messages are ice breakers. Creating dialogue based on mutual interest and potential value.

They are:

  • Simple
  • Direct
  • Personal

Making your intentions clear without being intrusive.

Focus on the engaged few

Once you hit send:

  • Most people will ignore you
  • Some will respond to you
  • A few will have questions

Prioritise your efforts on those who have questions for you.

Engage them in conversation without trying to “sell coaching”.

People relish the opportunity to talk about themselves and their aspirations.

This is where you can truly make an impact by:

  • Listening
  • Understanding
  • Offering insights

And tailoring your approach to their specific situation.


Adopting this approach allows you to attract the right clients. Engage and build relationships founded on understanding and insight.

Remember, meaningful conversations can stem from even the simplest messages. Especially, when they’re sent with sincere intentions.

Start today:

  1. Select one potential client on LinkedIn
  2. Customise the connection request message using the template provided
  3. Hit send!

Take the first step towards building a new professional relationship.

Embrace authenticity and focus on genuine interactions.

Attracting new clients on LinkedIn will not only be more effective but more rewarding.

Let’s create success, one genuine connection at a time.

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