Today, I’d like to introduce you to a game.

It’s called, “Find your ideal client.”

Not only is it easy to play and fun to do, it may also transform your coaching practice.

Think of it as a social experiment. You connect with strangers and engage in curious conversations.

Then partner with successful matches to maximise their potential.

Setting you both on a path to greater fulfilment and prosperity.

The game is designed to refine your client creation skills. And help you attract those who resonate with your values.

Are you ready to play?

Step 1: Connect and align your values

The first step is all about connection.

In the Prosperous Coach, Rich Litvin famously revealed his one-line business plan.

“Meet fun, interesting and resourceful people.”

He doesn’t look for “successful” or “wealthy” clients.

His radar is tuned to people who light up the room.

Creative sparks with contagious enthusiasm and a knack for thinking outside the box.

The more interesting his clients are, the more adventurous his coaching becomes.

It’s a simple philosophy with a profitable filter.

One that’s made him millions of dollars from connecting with fascinating people.

Now it’s your turn.

What 3 values make up your one-line business plan?

Step 2: Raise the bar and engage

Once you’ve identified who shares your spark, it’s time to elevate the connection.

To attract your ideal client, you need a better filter.

Look at your clientelle and note, “Who truly aligns with my one-line business plan?”

Make a list and keep it handy.

Now shift your perspective.

Ask yourself “Who would I need to BE to create my ideal client?” Remember, like attracts like.

This isn’t about seeking qualities in others; it’s about embodying those qualities yourself.

Challenge yourself to grow and become a magnet for the clients you seek.

Next, craft a three-line personal manifesto.

One that reflects your commitment to attracting fun, interesting, and resourceful individuals.

For instance:

1. I’m scrappy, inventive, and enterprising as F*CK.

2. I break boundaries and redefine what’s possible.

3. I get out there, find the loopholes, and innovate.

Your manifesto is a declaration of the energy you bring to the table. The intentions you set for the relationships you build.

Now you’re ready to engage in meaningful conversations.

Step 3: Planes, Trains & Automobiles

With your ideal client in tow, it’s time to discover if you’re truly compatible with each other.

This is where the “Planes, Trains and Automobiles Test?” comes into play.

Would you enjoy spending long hours in close quarters on a plane, train or automobile with this person as your only companion?

This question isn’t about endurance but about assessing the depth of your connection.

Anything less than a “Hell Yes!” is a “No.” There are no maybes!

Compatibility is key for any partnership to thrive.

It’s about finding joy and fulfilment in your collaboration. Ensuring the relationship is not only productive but also enriching.


‘Find Your Ideal Client’ is not just a game.

It’s a way of cultivating professional relationships that are deeply fulfilling. And mutually prosperous.

Connecting with individuals who align with your values is the first critical step.

Raising your standards and ensuring compatibility sets the stage for success.

Creating ideal clients that are both rewarding and enjoyable.

The most fulfilling connections are the most aligned ones

So, what are you waiting for?

Take the first step today.

Reach out and connect with someone you’ve always felt could be an ideal client.

Raise the bar and engage.

Remember, the ideal client you seek is also seeking you.

Unlock the power in partnering with your ideal client.

Start playing the game today.


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