Today I want to show you how to create an offer buffet to catapult your business growth.

An offer buffet is a menu of offers, varying in price and commitment you provide to your ideal clients.

When you learn to whip up an offer buffet that has your client drooling, two things happen:

  1. You help more people
  2. You make more income

But here’s the problem.

Too many coaches spend too much time creating offers only to find out nobody wants them.

But you can avoid that.

Here’s how.

Start with your ideal client

To get started, take stock of who your ideal client is.

This is a specific person with a painful problem you’re confident you can support.

Based on your experience and expertise, your ideal client might be:

  • Professional moms who want to reclaim time for the things they love.
  • Stressed, overwhelmed lawyers who want to rediscover their purpose.
  • Women in male-dominated industries who want to beat stress & attain confidence.

When you’ve identified your ideal client, don’t create your offer buffet right away.

Instead, dig deeper.

Understand their problems, aspirations, and desired outcomes by asking questions like:

  • What would achieving [desired outcome] mean for you
  • What is your biggest challenge or frustration in [area of expertise]?
  • If you could wave a magic wand and have your ideal outcome, what would that look and feel like?

These insights will help you gain valuable insight into your ideal client’s world. And what they most want help with.

And by gaining this deeper understanding, you’ll lay the table for your offer buffet.

The Offer Buffet Explained

An Offer Buffet is a strategic way of structuring your offers at different levels.

Your clients can choose how they want to work with you. Like picking what they want from a restaurant buffet.

They decide based on  what they need, how much they want to spend, and they’re appetite to commit.

It consists of three core offers:

1: The Sample (free or low-cost)

This is a taster of your expertise. It provides value upfront and builds trust with your audience.

Examples include:

  • Lead magnets (like a free guide)
  • A valuable checklist
  • Video training
  • Newsletter
  • Useful tool
  • Workshop

The goal is to attract leads and show your credibility on the topic.

2: The Appetizer (£97 – £997)

This is a low to mid-ticket offer that helps people get a quick win on a specific aspect of their problem.

Examples include:

  • Course
  • Service
  • Workshop

The goal is to convert connections into clients. Creating value and priming them for your main offering.

3: The Main Course (£997 – £10K+)

This is your signature program or high-ticket offer. It provides the ultimate transformation or solution.

It’s where you spend the most time, energy and focus to ensure your clients get remarkable results.

The goal is to guide customers to this core offer and create raving fans.

By having all three offers, you create a smooth ascension path for your clients.

You’re able to serve them at different stages of their journey. From initial interest to deep commitment.

Create Your Main Course First

The most common mistake I see coaches make is creating a bundle of low-priced offers without a clear path to their high-ticket service.

This adds very little value for your prospect and does nothing for your bottom line.

Start by creating your Main Course offer first. Your premier service designed to get the best results for your ideal client.

Here are some types of Main Course offers you might create (using our ideal client examples).

  • For professional moms: The Mom’s Oasis program that guarantees gaining back at least 7 hours a week for what truly matters. If not, they receive a full refund.
  • For stressed lawyers: A dedicated 1:1 coaching & mentoring program to turn stress into success and rediscover purpose in life and work.
  • For women in male-dominated industries: A personal 1:1 coaching program to lift the fog of frustration and stagnation, so they thrive unapologetically.

Next, create your Appetizer and Sample offers that lead to your Main Course.

These lower priced offers give a taste of your expertise and leave prospects hungry for more.

For example:


  • Free – Online Mom’s Oasis workshop (90 minutes): Setting clear achievable goals for finding more time for yourself
  • Free – The Stress-Free Lawyer newsletter (4-minute read): Fortnightly insights, tips, stories, and strategies to help professionals thrive and love what they do


  • 90-minute live Zoom. Developing a Customised Plan (£97): A blend of time management, boundary setting, and productivity strategies for Moms to reclaim their time.
  • Stress-Free Lawyers Operating System (£97): An on-demand training for busy lawyers to go from stressed and overwhelmed to purposeful in life and work

The Main Course defined.

The supporting offers built.

The Offer Buffet is complete.

Now you have a business model that guides customers through an intentional journey


Creating an Offer Buffet is a highly effective way to structure your experience and expertise.

Making each one valuable while strategically leading clients to your highest level of service.

Start with your Main Course and work backwards to your Appetizer and Sample.

By serving your clients at every stage of their journey and focusing on results, you’ll watch your impact and income grow.

Congrats, you have an Offer Buffet your ideal clients will love to buy (because it’s perfectly crafted for them).

And now you can fill your boots.

Here’s your 3 Step Action Plan for this week:

1: Set aside 90 minutes this week to:
a) Identify your ideal client
b) Brainstorm your Main Course offer

2: Validate your offer:
a) Reach out to your ideal clients
b) Discuss their needs and get feedback

3: Create lead-in offers:
a) Outline an Appetizer offer
b) Develop a Sample offer
c) Design these offers to attract clients to your high-ticket service

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